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to be announced by the mayor today. >> good morning, eric. there are 3,500 restaurants in san francisco, believe it or not, and many like sparky here in castro on church street is a favorite but finding a restaurant can be a challenge, a good restaurant. many log on to sites like yelp to make it easier and you can tell how clean and safe a restaurant is. yelp is partnering with san francisco's health department to provide inspection information for the public. it is all in the name of transparency and food safety. many customers love it. >> we want to know it is place has a bad health rating. >> if you go somewhere and it is don't go there. there are enough places to go you can make your own decision. >> she is not wild about it and prefers to go on first impression. the mayor will announce the partnership with yelp later today at a news conference in washington, dc, where he is attending the conference of mayors. it will be online first and san francisco leading of way the first city in the nation to provide that information. a lot of helpful information. live in the castro for abc7
cards of san francisco, and we have photographs of the ferry building with all the piers in place. the ferry building went through the 1906 earthquake. how badly damaged it was it? >> just the clock tower was rendered on safe or compromised. -- it was rendered unsafe or compromised. they had thought about taking the clock tower down, but it has remained largely intact. >> we will talk more about the clock tower later on. it is beautiful. somehow or another, this big platform got built. do you know approximately when? >> in the 1970's, the park came in. they built the platform. it building and underneath this platform and across the bay. >> this was developed as part of the bart transportation strategy? >> correct, and the park construction at that time. >> it is not on this plaza, separated a little bit, let's colligate e -- let's call it gate e. >> it is adjacent. it them every now and then i talk to people who are out of town and people say where is the giant ball park. i say that it is next to pier 40. they make the assumption that it is next to pier 39, but we know that is not
under foggy conditions. the san francisco manner exchange will look at fog rules. the federal investigators say it could take months to determine the true cause. >> governor brown will attend a uc board of regents meeting to discussion the proposed budget and the impact on uc wanting to keep further tuition or fee increases off the agenda. university of california schools will get plenty of financial help from taxpayers after voters approves proposition 30. he wants more teaching, less research, and more students accepted from community colleges. >> san francisco's law banning public nudity goes into effect but today it is challenged in federal court. a lawsuit filed by four in november seeks an injunction based on constitutional rights. the city attorney will argue on behalf of the ordinance in the district court in san francisco. the attorney arguing for the plaintiffs wants it to apply to all nude its not just the four that filed suit. >> notre dame could hold a news conference today on the shocking story of the national college football star who claims he was a victim of a
's five degrees above normal and 62 degrees in san francisco. i think that weather is going to hold through the weekend. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. and outside right now, this is our problem spot. it's in san mateo county. if you are traveling southbound 280 right around vista point or a little past highway 92, there's an accident involving several deer. they were maybe doing a traffic break in the area. they are working to clear it now. so southbound 280 may be a little slow once you get past 92 through san mateo county. here's a live look outside. 880 the nimitz. looks great. they should have wrapped up some overnight roadwork in lanes. northbound 880 between 66 and the maze, golden gate bridge never was a problem so far this morning. dumbarton bridge roadwork on eastbound 84 has been picked up now that it's past 6:00. mass transit all on time. and a quick live look at the bay bridge, where things look different this morning than at this time yesterday. no metering lights, and the delays are very minimal. so yo
in the castro, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> and new orleans and san francisco i think you've noticed a lot of similarities. there's a lot of differences there, too. but i guess the new orleanians owe a big thank you to the folks in san francisco. >> reporter: this is a really interesting story. i learned a lot about the history of san francisco doing this story. they are still thanking them decades later because some san franciscans came here to new orleans many years ago and helped them save the view. >> reporter: when people around the world think of the vieux carre they think of scenes like this but it almost looks like this. >> we're not talking about a highway. we're talking about an act of barbarism. >> reporter: it would stand 40 feet tall and six lanes wide 3.5 miles of it running between the mississippi river and the city's iconic st. louis cathedral. [ church bells ] >> jackson square, the highway. gone. no access to the river. it's over. >> reporter: and the damage wouldn't end there. >> all you see in front of us, all these trees, all the
't hold it out. >> this is a full day for san francisco police who congius indicated thousands of dollars of nfl bootlegged merchandise, which is big business especially during playoff games. and they also posed as fans of both teams hoping to catch those going too far with their rivalry. >> this was our first pro ball we ever attended together. 49ers had such a great season and for them to finally pull ahead and hopefully advance is fantastic to see. >> yeah, awesome. 49ers! >> fran police made an untold number of arrests for bad behavior and a number of spectators were ejected from the stadium for bothering other fans. from candlestick park, john alston, abc7 news. >> if you did not have the hundreds of dollars to buy the ticket to the game, you could go out and watch with crowds of 49ers fans and even a few cheese heads. sergio has that part of the story. >>> just minutes before kickoff we met 49ers fan dominique and packers fan andrew. they packed into this public along with hundreds of other football fans. they came here because of a mutual friend. >> one of my friends told me he had
>> reporter: san francisco police are looking for suspects in two separate violent crimes that sent two people to the hospital this morning. >>> we're following developing news from new york city. we're getting word of dozens of injuries now in a ferry accident in lower manhattan. >> reporter: and the search is on this morning for the thief that targeted the oakland museum of california, not once but the museum was hit twice. we'll tell you what was taken and what the museum is doing to try to catch the people responsible. >> reporter: it's judgment day for barry bonds and other baseball greats. we'll tell you why some people think when it comes to the hall of fame, they are out. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. >>> police are investigating a violent night in san francisco's potrero hill neighborhood. paul chambers is live with information on injuries after a shooting and a stabbing just a block apart. paul? >> reporter: good morning, tori. now, police released the -- the scene here. take a look at some video here. police say the fi
but he suffered brain injuries and is undergoing rehabilitation. >> a federal judge in san francisco is expected to rule by the end of this month on whether to overturn the ban on public nudity. opponents went to court yesterday and asked the judge to block the law from going into effect on february 1st but the city wants the case then out. attorneys representing the city say the ban is a matter of public health and nudists say it is a violation of free speech. a written ruling is expected before the end of the month. >> next we have traffic and weather together on the only news and a like look outside here at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic starting to back medium here. we do have a bill problem southbound 280 south of 92 and sue hall will have that and our meteorologist, mike naturally, will talk about the "spare the air" day. >> man walks in to an apartment store -- into a department start with >> it is a friday morning. we have been tracking the fog and it has been thickest in santa rosa. and again this morning. and we could have block ice there because it is below freezin
in the traffic department. no hot spots. a quiet ride. just a handful of cars out of oakland into san francisco. >> for those of you heading to the senate failed original overnight road work to talk about. clear conditions coming down the nimitz freeway. >> here is your golden gate bridge ride south bound 101 a lot of space between cars and speed of over 50 mi. per hour. james. >> thank you erica. >> an update on the attempt the kidnapping reported in san jose. police say it was all a hoax according to investigators the mother committed to making up the story. she told police a man tried to wrestle or three year old daughter out of our arms while in front of our house. officers say it was not long before they knew something was not right. >> we needed to bring the mother into the police department to read interview her there were some things that were not right as a result of the interview. we agree in to view the mother and she admitted the entire story was a fabrication. we opened an active criminal investigation on her. we will discuss the case with the district attorney's office. we are hop
degrees now in santa rosa. 45 degrees in san francisco. high pressure in control. it's going to hold on now and looks like it's going to stick around for a while so we are going to see cold nights and dry air over the next few days and then the temperatures by the afternoon not too bad with mostly sunny skies no threat of rain probably until the weekend. the temperatures going to look like this. plan on those numbers mainly into the 50s, about 57 in the afternoon in san jose, 57 santa clara, east bay temperatures probably low 50s by the afternoon. inside the bay 53 degrees in san francisco, 55 oakland, 52 sausalito. check out your temperatures online at let's check the roads with gianna. >>> thank you, lawrence. we have been monitoring this water main break in hayward which seems to be a problem as chp has now issued a sig alert in the area. so the water main break is located at jackson street and santa clara street right at that intersection just east of 880 and the 92 interchange. chp has shut down one lane of the eastbound 92 off-ramp at jackson because of flooding in t
. and san francisco, in the low 40s right now. so the freeze is on. we'll look at the numbers coming up. >> we'll have much more on the freezing temps coming up. >>> with a look at what is being done to help keep people warm we'll have a live report. >> now to the night's other big story, the 49ers one game away from the super bowl. shu has a look at the big game. >> mike: what a game. i collin kaepernick has been amazing in his eight starts but none more so in a win over the packers. second quarter, layser to michael crab tree. second touchdown catch of the damp. a report night for colin. third quarter, keeps it himself, and he is the story. 56-yard touchdown, set an nfl playoff record for quarterbacks, running for 181 yards, threw for 263 yards and two scores. the niners advance the nfc championship game. 45-31 the final. collin rush is live at the stick. collin? >> in my possession here, the quest for six towel handed to all the fans tonight. of cures they're looking for a sixth super bowl title. we wondered, and i think most fans wondered, how would colin kaepernick react in his fir
. >> kaepernick answer his critics in record-setting style as he leads the san francisco 49ers to a demonstratenant playoff victory over the green bay packers. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes. for the record second year in a row the san francisco 49ers are heading to the nfc championship. quarterback colin kaepernick leads the tale to that huge victory over the packers. a live look at candlestick, which as you can see in the live pictures still lit up after tonight's game. eric rasmussen outside of the stick to talk to the fans. >> reporter: you can still feel the energy and excitement out here. it's a good thing everybody is in a good mood, because they have a long way to wait trying it make their way out of candlestick park. i did talk to a couple of traffic officers and they say everybody this they encounter has behaved for the most part. the party still going on tonight. we actually met up with this group from petaluma and santa rosa before the game and caught up with them again after the big victrism you see the celebration going on there
:07. a deadly high speed crash in san francisco right outside of a liquor store is still the focus of a police investigation and the arrest of the driver was all caught on video. this happened yesterday morning. you see the police officers have guns drawn. moving in on the unidentified suspects car. the suspect was arrested. he's being treated for minor injuries police also say they found a gun inside the car. minutes before the arrest though the driver crashed into a white toyota at 21st and south vaness. sending it flying through a liquor store. police say this all started with an earlier report of shots fired from a car at a nearby public housing complex. police later pulled over the driver but the driver sped away. >> as officers approached the vehicle, the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed and ran through the next two intersections colliding with the white vehicle. >> now a 26-year-old pedestrian who was just walking into that liquor store died at the scene after being hit by the car. there were two people in the toyota. passenger, a woman in her 20s died there at the scene. the dr
. 47 in san francisco. >> transitioning into the afternoon mid to upper 50s potentially low 60s. santa rosa 60. 62 now a pyrrhic 63 in haywood best-62 and nap--62 >> we will enjoy clear skies, sunshine, and temperatures on the moors side. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows thursday even friday mid to upper 60s. some locations to our south could warming to the seventies. it will fill like spring. inland lows dropping into the upper '30's. >> a small chance for showers into sunday. temperatures will stay on the warmer side. expect partly cloudy skies as we start the next work weeks. >> that is your weather. >> taking a quick check of your commute. no hot spots. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza doing fine. >> no problems at the san mateo bridge accident free for those of you heading toward cost the city. >> south bound 101 and easy ride the tell light making their way into san francisco. >> best-toward a foster city. >> and 8 year old girl is recovering after being shot in the leg in a drive-by shooting. >> the girl was standing outside in front of a home on th
vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:07. one san francisco supervisor wants to crack down on muni and its service problems. the san francisco chronicle says scott wiener will ask the board for a hearing where muni would report on all of the recent service problems and the city controller would say how much money that cost in lost productivity. >>> muni's board of directors will vote on whether to approve a $24.1 million contract to overhaul are the aging train management system. now, a new network would feature an integrated series of fiberoptic cables, an uninterruptible power systems. that system would be managed at one central location which muni says will help them quickly out problems and make adjustments. if approved, the project would be finished in 1.5 years. >>> the cold weather is bringing dangerous conditions for bay area drivers. this is what it looked like yesterday when six vehicles were involved in a collision near fish ranch road and claremont avenue. this is in the oakland hills. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. drivers are being warned to watch out for black ice and l
. >> health and for mission for san francisco restaurant also be available on yelp . >> mayor ed lee hosts including the scores from the department of public health will improve transparency and ultimately food safety. >> if it proves successful, the rest of course could find their way to other sites like google and trip adviser. >> currently, the city's restaurants are required to post this course are required to produce the live as by a customer. >> and three questions proven to be a recipe for success at all one basedask .com. the company has turned itself around by going back to its core entering people's questions. >> asked original mission was sidetracked early on by the success of google. >> now, instead of tried to go head-to-head with the tech giant as it back to doing what they do best. as is now consistently the top- 10 website, according to commerce or media metrix. >> it averaged 104 million visitors in december, and was the eighth most visited site. >> still ahead nudity in san francisco again in front of judges the dividend had state and federal court. >> will have details c
not released his name. >>> small business owners in san francisco are concerned about a new program that will end free meter parking rob sundays. the new policy goes into effect this weekend. it will require drivers to pay all metered spots from noon to 6:00 p.m. on sunday. some small business owners tell the examiner that they fear it will actually drive away customers. >>> time now 4:36. sal castaneda back watching the roads for us. how are things looking? >> they look pretty good. traffic is doing well around the bay area. we're not expecting much of a compute today. the way a lot of people still have this week off. we'll see. let's take a look at these pictures to east shore freeway traffic does look good coming out to the mccarthur maze. not a bad drive at all in the bay area. bay bridge toll plaza still looks very nice. driving through into san francisco. it's pretty cold out there. it's also clear. it's good visibility all over the place. in san jose northbound 280 looks good. 4:37 hello steve. >>> sal, how are you? >> i'm well. how are you? >> very well, thank you, sir. clea
for communities along the san francisco bay. those both expire at 8:00 this morning. so hopefully there is some warmth ahead of us. but the cold, yes, it's current and it's behind us. we have video from petaluma last night where christmas lights and icicles look like they could have been real icicles. it got down to 25 this morning in petaluma. tour efforts, who thought california was always warm and sunny, were surprised by the frost and chill. an employee at a local ice cream shot was left in no customers. as you imagine, ice cream isn't a hot commodity in cold weather. she kept busy by cleaning. >> i have the heater cranked up really high and have extra blankets. >> it's been cold since we arrived. the wind and the rain, i thought i was back home. >> also in this cold, the california highway patrol is warning about icy conditions. as the temperatures drop, black eyes can form. it may be your first instinct to slam on the brakes but the chp said not to because that will put your car into a spin. let off the gas slowly if you encounter ice. it's still dark right now and it's st. louis cold. as
-- a charity that armstrong helped -- >>> 7:06. well, today is the day, the san francisco 49ers fly to atlanta. the nfl championship game is sunday just two days away. ktvu's janine de la vega is live in san jose right now. i know fans are getting excited, janine. >> definitely. we're here in front of a popular sports bar in downtown san jose. right now, it's dark and empty, but this place is expected to be packed with 49er fans watching the games on the screen here. >> fans blan to wear their jerseys while clear canning on the 49ers while they take on the falcons on sunday. this the second year in a row that the 9ers made it to the nfc championship. they are one win away from playing in the super bowl if they win. all eyes will be on colin kaepernick. >> hope they make the super bowl. >> reporter: yesterday, the team held a news conference where jim harbaugh told everyone the team was ready to play a great game. he did not give away details. today, harbaugh will be holding another news conference this time with kaepernick before they leave from the san jose international airport. coming up on
at san francisco international airport yesterda yesterday. he was as he was reentering the country from the philippines. police say he was driving a car that ran into a motorcyclist on scott boulevard in january of 2011 and kept going. motorcyclist died. this man had a million dollar bench warrant for his arrest. now he's back in custody. >>> in oakland it turns out a gang in the city is connected to the home invasion murder of wealthy south bay businessman. vick lee tonight on the common thread that bind suspected murderers together. >> 3 men and woman arrested in connection with a murder. 26-year-old lucas anderson. 21-year-old xavier garcia. and austin also 21. the 4 suspects raven dixon is charged with being an accessory to the murder. millionaire businessman rob murdered in the home invasion robbery november 30. he was found dead inside his mansion in the wealthy area of mont veno. police aren't saying how he was killed. austin is reportedly a member of an oakland street gang called the money team. group that is tied into drugs and home invasions. xavier garcia is said to
-$10 for those. the program is not limited to marin county residents. people who live in san francisco, sonoma, and contra costa counties can also participate. the buy back is on tuesday. here's a look at the collection sites. >>> in other news the 49ers new quarterback has put them back in the nfc championship. >> second down and fourth. kaepernick fooled everybody. collin kaepernick what a game. >> that pretty much sums it up. he had an amazing game. he ran for 181 yards last night at candle stick. setting a record for an nfl quarterback. he rushed for two touchdowns. passed for 262 yards as san francisco beat green bay 45-31. >> it's a lot easier on me when other people are making plays. our offensive line came out and dominated up front. >> kaepernick playoff debut put his team within one win. frank gore also ran for 100 yards. niner fans couldn't be more thrilled. the parking lot at candle stick park was full of cheering tailgaters as they exited the stadium. we talked to fans about their big win. >> niners number one. >> awe man it was scary in the beginning. i was worried about it. in
in case they are banned later. >>> man accused of a home invasion and rape in san francisco is due to appear in court today. 25-year-old jovan jones is expected in court today. jones faces nine felony counts. he's being held on $5 million bail. >>> san jose out going police chief denied a request to allow gambling on the top floor of the new casino matrix. chris moore agreed with the casino administrator saying it would have an adverse effect on public health, safety, and welfare. matrix representative says he is disappointed with the decision. >>> days after a virus scare at a contra costa county school a senior is recovering from a norovirus outbreak. 80 people got sick at the redwoods. two of them died. a virus also sickened more than 100 students at burton valley middle school. the best way to prevent the virus is washing your hands with soap and water. >>> let's get you going. sal, you are watching the south bay. are they behaving out there? >> yeah, they are. we are looking at a pretty good south bay commute right now dave and pam. on 237 and 101 and 85 they are all at the sp
's a good thing. at least he's there. thanks. >>> mobile 5 in san francisco, with how the city is preparing for what i hope will be a big win on sunday. ken? >> reporter: yeah, well, you put the fix in, liz. probably going to end up that way. we're in north beach right now. just had a guy come out of a restaurant here near grant and green. he said if the 49ers win sunday, this place is going to explode! well, that's exactly what the san francisco police department does not want to see. and in fact, they will be canceling all vacations and days off over the weekend to make sure the city is protected. they have extra officers in reserve and on standby just to make sure. they don't expect any trouble, but one restaurant owner says they will be ready just in case they have extra guys on hand. he expects a good time. >> big game, championship game. we checked with the police today and they tell us nobody gets the day off. they are keeping everybody on, just in case. >> yeah. >> you know how it can get. >> i do. >> you've been around long enou
. 28 in morgan hill. look at san francisco and oakland, actually in the mid to upper 30s this morning. really quite chilly. we've got the clear skies from san jose. this is the reason why, parts of alaska this morning are warmer than the bay area. big ridge of high pressure to the west, southerly flow from alaska, that's spilling into the bay area. you'll get sunshine today, but don't expect things to warm up a whole lot. but lunchtime, upper 40s to near 50. that will be pretty much where we top out the day for temperatures. and then again tonight, without the cold air being moved out of the bay area, we'll see another freezing night tonight. y >> colder here than in alaska. >> right now, 35 degrees in anchorage. >>> thank you, rob. >>> the season continues for the san francisco 49ers. today they and their fans will watch to see who they play next and whether they'll get to do it at home. colin kaepernick led the team to the win over the green bay packers last night. kaepernick rushing for a quarterback play-off record of 181 yards and two touchdowns. he also threw for 263 yards, and
subaru. if she was taken to san francisco general hospital. the collision is under investigation. >> pg&e crews are working to repair a gas leak in a brentwood neighborhood. the leak was first reported in the 2700 block of st. andrews drive just before 430 friday afternoon. eight homes were evacuated as a precaution while pg&e workers shut off gas service in the area. if 10 customers were without gas service while repairs were under way. if pg&e expects to finish the repairs by today. ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon...creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am? [ female announcer ] find progresso light
. santa rosa, 33 degrees. napa, 37. antioch, 37. and san francisco, in the low 40s right now. so the freeze is on. we'll look at the numbers coming up. >> we'll have much more on the freezing temps coming up. >>> with a look at what is being done to help keep people warm we'll have a live report. >> now to the night's other big story, the 49ers one game away from the super bowl. shu has a look at the big game. >> mike: what a game. i collin kaepernick has been amazing in his eight starts but none more so in a win over the packers. second quarter, layser to michael crab tree. second touchdown catch of the damp. a report night for colin. third quarter, keeps it himself, and he is the story. 56-yard touchdown, set an nfl playoff record for quarterbacks, running for 181 yards, threw for 263 yards and two scores. the niners advance the nfc championship game. 45-31 the final. collin rush is live at the stick. collin? >> in my possession here, the quest for six towel handed to all the fans tonight. of cures they're looking for a sixth super bowl title. we wondered, and i think most fans
. clear skies for most of us. temperatures a bit warmer than yesterday. downtown san francisco and 47. 47 in oakland. low '40's and hayward. by 8:00 a.m. holding on to '30's. we struggle to get out of the frigid temperatures. the rest of the bay sitting comfortably in the '40's. at lunchtime the green starts to build on your screen indicates where lows 60s will develop. mild conditions later tonight by 8:00 p.m. we're talking a mixing up upper '40's and '50's. as i brought down the afternoon highs in your neighborhood. like yesterday it will be like to day. >> 664 campbell, los gatos. 65 for sunnyvale and santa clara. 62 in fremont. the east bay not as warm overall mild lows 60s for concord, pittsburgh, danville. 61 in pleasanton. to the north bay petaluma at 62. a degree cool for downtown san francisco. oakland at 62. 61 in vallejo. those of you heading to tahoe freezing fog for the next couple of mornings. we will see sunshine into the afternoon leak into the forecast in your afternoon highs in the upper '40's. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights the nice weather on
jones sexually assaulted and robbed a woman at her home saturday night. he was booked into san francisco jill on charges that include rape, burglary, robbery, aggravated assault, and false imprisonment. >>> time is 7:05. the san francisco unified school district is planning campus drills to prepare for a possible school shooting. the examiner reports it's a reaction to the connecticut school shooting massacre. also in a couple of months, digital floor plans of all city public schools will be sent to the police department. so far no date has been set for the school campus drills. >>> this morning at the white house, vice president joe biden continues his gun violence meetings. this time he'll be meeting with members of congress. tomorrow the vice president will give president obama his recommendations for new gun control policies. coming up for you at 7:15, the national rifle association makes a prediction of how congress would vote on an assault weapons ban. >>> also new this morning, president obama will hold his first news conference of the new year at 8:15 this morning. among the issu
bill back in 1993 shortly after a mass shooting at a san francisco law firm. we will have live coverage of her newest assault weapon bill at 8:15. >> some parents at one california school district are questioning the district's buying of more than a dozen assault weapons. fontana officials say they bought 14 assault weapons to protect students in the event of an attack. they say they will be kept in locked safes on campus for responding police but some parents are concerned that students could find a way to access them. >> we do have children that come with sometimes plastic weapons or real weapons and does that make them -- put them at risk of being -- as our chief has stated last night being stopped and killed? >> the weapons cost a thousand dollars each. police say they have the ability to go through body armor. >>> today the house in rhode island will vote on legislation legalizing same sex marriage. it's expected to pass in the house but unknown if in the senate. >>> lance armstrong lied for years about doping and now some unhappy customers who bought his books want under money
section heading into san francisco. but traffic is so light there is not much of a delay at all but you will see it out there as you make your way towards treasure island. this is one accident we're following eastbound 4 approaching 242. this is heading into concord. so just a heads up. there's also some roadwork in lanes across that stretch and the eastbound highway 4 approaching loveridge. it actually looks like the westbound lanes are seeing a few brake lights already this morning heading out of antioch past a street. more roadwork this morning across the dumbarton bridge looks like on the westbound side of 84. coming up we'll get a check of mass transit. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> a star football player is the victim of a hoax involving a woman he said was his girlfriend. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in the newsroom this morning reporting the case has a bay area angle. anne. >> reporter: it's a bizarre story has a lot of people talking. the couple supposedly met after a game at stanford. the big question this morning, how c
to residents from san francisco, sonoma or contra costa counties. if you do need to show proof that you live in one of these four counties. >> new affirmation out this morning reveals that the pilot of the oil tanker that struck a tower on the bay bridge last week, switched course as he was approaching the bridge. just why the 61 year-old changed courses as the over say lamar near the bridge to generate a seven is still unclear. also contributed to accident or ticketing fog, a faulty began and dangerous currents. according to investigators, kleess and lined up the tanker to passed through the middle of the bridge between the " c " and " d " towers, but at the last minute he tried to switched the opening between the " d " and " e " towers, ultimately hitting the " e " tower. the full investigation could take months to wrap up. kleess is a former exxon oil take captain who had 1200 trips on the bay with large ships. >> we would right back. Ñó >> welcome back. we are watching gas prices this morning at the national average for a regular gallon of gas continues to rise. luckily here in the ba
outside as high as 63 degrees in san jose, 57 in san francisco. about 62 degrees in santa rosa. some nice weather right in the middle of winter. all right. let's check the roads now with elizabeth. >> love it. we'll enjoy this woke, then. thank you. >>> all right. outside right now, it is looking good. in an area where they are doing roadwork, the accident is now clear. the roadwork is still out there though especially in the eastbound lanes of 4 approaching loveridge. one lane blocked until 6:00 this morning. here's a live look outside near the 880/237 interchange. gosh, yesterday it just was really a mess on that westbound 237 ride for a while because of a series of different accidents. so right now everything is off to a great start. no delay between milpitas all the way towards sunnyvale and 101. and a quick live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see a few headlights there making their way into san francisco moving at the limit. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> okay, liz, thanks. 5:07 now. >>> new this morning, the international
reported in livermore we look live from sutro down toward san francisco and the bear. i'll tell you how much rain and when you can expect it to hit your neighborhood coming up. >> thanks, francis. and a legacy that will last forever. de la salle's high school legendary coach steps down. like a lot of things, trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum, so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. >> welcome back. the clock current 6:9 right now. all morning we've been talking about how cold it is and how the rain is coming and there's an event that people are jumping into the bay. they are jumping into the bay at 11:15 this morning for the sixth annual alcatraz winner swim. it will be cold. water temperatures in the mid-50s. even temperatures right now cooling down to the 30s
will be destroyed. >>> they now have a face and a name. san francisco police have identified the suspect in a crime that left a little dog dead. tonight detectives are working to track down this man. they say he's the man who robbed a woman last month as she got out of her car. investigators say he also then grabbed her 12-year-old dog named roxie and through the dog into traffic when he only got a few bucks off the woman. roxie died hours later at an animal hospital. if you know about barrett's whereabouts, you're asked to call police. >>> governor brown was in san jose today to sign an agreement for online courses that brings together a silicon valley startup and san jose university. the goal is to help students graduate faster. kris sanchez joins us from san jose state campus. you know online courses are nothing new. what sets this apart here? >> reporter: this one is modeled a little bit differently. if it works, it means that san jose state students and the rest of the csu students will have a better chance of graduating within four years time. what that means for them is a savings in how much
this morning to excellent the body. >> a federal judge appears ready to allow san francisco's public nudity ban to go into effect on february thfirst period of public nudit activistnudity acts filed a federal lawsuit hoping to overturn the new law. they argue that the government ordered covered up of violates their first amendment right to express their political views. a u.s. district court judge said yesterday that it takes more than simply this morning in public to make a political statement. >> in an interview with oprah winfrey, lance armstrong comes clean about doping. the seventh time " to tour de france " wenner says that he used a variety of performance enhancing drugs to when those titles. armstrong refuse to answer when oprah winfrey asked him if betsy andreu, the wife of armstrong's former teammate frankie andreu, was telling the truth when she said that in 1996, she overheard him telling a doctor treating him for cancer that he was doping. he also limited to being a bully. >> armstrong has been stripped of his tour de france titles and the olympic medal that he won in 2000. he is a
cost somewhat of a stir through the san francisco 49 as media session, we will have a player in coaches reactions. >> the backup is growing a bit pass highway 238. it is not affecting your drive from castro valley. >> we are taking a look at satellite and radar. we are waking up to mainly clear skies. we do see some clouds that are streaming through. high pressure is building in and will keep us clear and dry. as we take a look at the extended forecast we will see a little bit of a warming trend. we're talking about mid to upper 60s by thursday. i will have my full of detail coming up. >> our developing story this morning, and eight year-old girl was shot as she stood outside of a relative's house. kron 4 will tran is a live from children's hospital in oakland where the girl is recovering, good morning and we'll. >> they have no suspects, no arrest, and no motive. this is our partner should view from abc 7 news. the girl was playing at in this house when several suspects in broad daylight, came past and shot from an s u b. they did not hit their intended target. she was the only person
and guns in their car. >>> the debate on stun guns for san francisco police officers are continue with the city's first community hearing. san francisco's police chief is trying to launch a program that would give stun guns to officers trained to hand. the mentally ill. the meeting will be held at 6:00 tonight at the hamilton recreation center on geary. >>> fire investigators say an early-morning fire at a fremont furniture store looks suspicious. crews were called to a shopping center shortly before 2:00 this morning. a fire had started in the middle of a showroom floor. they also found a device that may have started the fire. now, the crews quickly put it out and no one was hurt. but now they are looking for the cause of the fire and information about a potential arsonist. >>> the chp is warning people about a fake mechanic scamming drivers. he targeted peoples in disabled cars on freeways and says he's with the chp services patrol. he asks for money in advance to buy parts to fix people's cars and leaves and he doesn't come back. this is happening on construction areas on i-5 a
an argument on the boat. >>> san francisco's current tv is on the air tonight but it won't be for long. the plug will soon be pulled. and a controversial and big money deal, the two owners of current tv sold their network to al jazeera. many people turn to al jazeera for quality journalism. others think the middle east based network is anti-american. whatever your belief, al jazeera is now coming to the united states and its airwaves thanks to former vice president al gore and his business partner joel hyatt. they've been heavily criticized, but why and by whom? here now the interview with joel hyatt. >> i don't quite get this. we're going to rip that off. they look the same to me. >> there's a good chance you've never seen or heard of joel h h hyatt. >> that's a great idea. >> reporter: until now. the unassuming multimillionaire has pulled off a deal along with his business partner, former vice president al gore, that has shocked the media world. >> with the headlines from al jazeera -- >> we studied very hard what al jazeera was doing around the world and that we would be comfortabl
they raid add huge stolen goods operation in san francisco and arrested suspected fence for second tim time. police recovered thousands of i phones and lap tops from the home in the district here of san francisco. vick lee tonight with story that you will see only on abc 7 news. >>reporter: this is what police recovered december 27th. lieutenants of smart phones. listen tops. it was one of the biggest hall of stolen electronic they have seen. second huge bust police made in a period of 2 most. the in november they recovered more than 1,000 items worth up to half million dollars from another fencing ring. again mostly cell phone and lap top as well as other expensive items. 3 people were arrested. lieutenant ed santos says it's a lock aretive business in the upped ground marketplace. >> so much money to be made off lap tops and cell phones. the market for them is really good and i-pad for example can go from 3 to 500 dollars, the new i-phone 5 are being resold for 500 dollars. >>reporter: in both cases the m o the same. most of the goods stole friend cars parked in garage along fish
degrees in san francisco. 33 just hovering above freezing in san jose and 30 degrees in livermore. so freeze warnings are up once again. it's colder than yesterday at this time. tough some freezing temperatures in the north bay valleys also in the east bay and south bay, frost advisories continuing even inside the bay this morning. so watch out for that and the possibility of some black ice. as we head throughout the day today, we'll see plenty of sunshine and looks like maybe slightly warmer temperatures by the afternoon. i think much warmer days are ahead and a little taste of spring, maybe mid- to upper 60s coming up if we're lucky. high pressure in control. the jet stream is being sent well to the north keeping us dry for the foreseeable future and as this ridge moves overhead the temperatures going to start to warm up. around the state, cold in the high country only about 39 degrees today for yosemite. 54 fresno. 57 into monterey bay. skies staying mostly clear with just an occasional cloud passing by. otherwise, it will stay sunny and bright
. 30s oakland and 40 in san francisco. tonight will be one of the last really cold night. i will have a look at what you could expect coming up. >>> and send us your photos or videos of your neighborhood. e-mail us directly or post them to facebook or twitter. >>> neighbors are without power after a tree crashed into a home and power lines. the tree fell about 11:30 a.m. this morning. one person was inside the home but rescued unharmed. the tree cut power to 70 homes in the area. all but 30 have been restored and pg&e says it may take all night to get power back on. >>> the street violence in oakland set a staggering pace this weekend and leaders are at odds on how to fight it. ktvu's allie rasmus is live with the tactics to crack down on this. >> reporter: some say the mayor should declare a local state of emergency to get more officers on the streets. but the mayor jean quan and the police chief say that is not the solution. >> the mayor and police chief spoke. the child's mother was standing by as leaders declared they were already getting outside help. >> we have specific request
22. san francisco, you're at 41. the wind isn't much of an issue but down right cold and will see a struggle tonight with the sunshine getting up to the low 50s in phoenix. l.a. possibly low 60s. watch out for freezing fog over the next couple of days especially oregon state but not horrible. one more thing. our friends in alaska dealing with a big storm today up there. so be careful traveling anywhere in alaska, anchorage and up to fairbanks everybody is getting s large arctic high pressure system and warm up in many areas. without too much snow out of this big cold air mass but cold and dry in the west. >> single digits. a shocking story out of buffalo v.a. hospital. gas prices on the move. hottest wheels out of the detroit auto show. plus caught on tape. the mother of all snowball fights and no pants day on the subway. what? you're watching "early today." . >>> stories making news this morning for you. the veterans administration is saying that 700 patients at the buffalo, new york v.a. medical center may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis because of reuse of insulin pens.
of foreign species reeking havoc. the san francisco bay is the most invaded estuary anywhere in the country. the green crab decimated fisheries and altered the local environment here. >> reporter: in the mississippi river, asian carp wipe out native fish. in the great lakes, zebra mussels are the problem. today, the challenge, contain invasive species before they get out of control. >> this problem is extremely serious and can cause environmental harm, economic harm, and harm even to human health. we're talking about over $100 billion worth of damage to the u.s. economy every year. >> reporter: for now, it's unclear what, if any damage, will occur in the pacific northwest. but tonight the experts don't like what they see. miguel almaguer, nbc news, san francisco. >>> when we come back, a big birthday for the first lady, though not the big one. and she celebrates with a new look. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >>> american airlines known by that instantly recognizable aa logo for so many years is tonig
. that has been with the big delay. jerry r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: the san francisco police department releases the sketch of a man who attacked a woman in the mission dictrict. this is a sketch of the suspect who investigators say, tried to sexually assault a 31-year old woman back on january sixth. just before three in the morning, the woman was walking down 23rd street towards church, when a man lunged at her-- grabbing her head and throwing her to the ground. he is described as an asian or hispanic male, 25 years of age, with a buzz haircut and slight beard growth. >> pam: a violent weekend in oakland. 15 people shot -- four of those killed. today, oakland city officials promising action. more on that part of the story ahead. but first, grant lodes is standing by with more on the------------------------ we'll break it down and map out all the shootings starting with friday. starting on firday.four shootings.all of them fatal.all over the city. three fo the four were friday afternoon. the other was 8:15 friday night. two shootings saturday.nobody died. but there were three people sh
. >>> the nfl playoffs on sunday, atlanta hosts san francisco in the nfc championship game and the ravens are in new england for the afc title game. the winners will meet for the super bowl xlvii in new orleans on february 3rd. >>> and listen to this, organized crime infringing on the world's most popular sport? there are new reports out that 50 national soccer leagues are being targeted by criminal gangs trying to fix matches. fifa, the governing body of international football said in 2012 it was involved in dozens of investigations which reportedly accounts for billions in illegal betting. >>> just ahead, robert redford's unchanged, and a big payday. plus back to the future now. check out this retro hovercraft. you're watching "early today." >> welcome back. good friday morning to you and what a nice weekend forecast we have for almost everyone. dry weather will prevail. spend a lot of time outdoors this weekend with these warm temperatures from southern california up into central california. not bad around portland either. very cold morning today and that will continue the trend. each
hosts san francisco in the nfc championship game. the ravens are in new england for the afc title game. the winners will meet for the super bowl in new orleans on february 3rd. >>> listen to this. organized crime infringing on the world's most popular sport. there are new reports out that some 50 national soccer leagues are being targeted by criminal gangs trying to fix matches. fifa says in 2012 it was involved in dozens of match fixing investigations, which reportedly accounts for billions in illegal betting. >>> now turning to weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> you have any favorites in these football games? >> italy always. >> big italy fan? >> i'm italian. >> i learn something new every day. >> schiavocampo. >> my irish roots, not the best. >> you can root for italy. >> i'll go for spain, jump on the bandwagon. let me take you through your weekend forecast. looking at nice conditions across the northeast. it will be a little brisk, but at least it's not going to be dry. not many slippery roads, with the exception of cape cod. temperatures where they should be for th
it is very conservative in paris. >> only you had come to san francisco. >> yes. >> i can only imagine what you would have produced. [applause] >> that is true. >> here is this good little boy who is be heading classically and is very charming and wonderful and working hard. how did you turn into a bad boy? [laughter] and tell us about the whole business of putting sexuality on the map, as it were. when you go into the exhibition here, it is still shocking to see some of the clothes which are suggesting a kind of pervert petit, never against women. you see a lot of flash and tattoos and in the clothing. it must've been completely taboo when you started doing the mine in 1970's and early 1980's. >> i think it was, yes. it was, to be honest, all the things i did that were supposed to be provocative or maybe that make me called a bad boy to the french, because some of the journalists saw that was making jokes and things like that, provocative things. it was not as a provocation. my goal is to be known, so i have to make them be seen this way. it was more because of my reflection and also what
into the editor's office at "the san francisco chronicle." >> he said, don't call us, we'll call you. leave your name at the desk. >> reporter: she started the very next day. that was 1956. three months earlier, her twin sister had been hired to write a similar column for "the chicago tribune." dear abby and ann landers -- really the friedman sisters of sioux city, iowa -- would go on to be rivals for the rest of their careers. her frank advice was sometimes shocking in its day. 1970. dear abby, recently our 21-year-old daughter came out to us and told us she was in love with another girl. dear mother, if your daughter is happy with what she is, then you who profess to love her must accept her as she is or not at all. dear abby changed with the times and helped america change, too. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> and she had a rule to live by. she said it in 1964, simple. "the purpose of life is to amount to something and have it make some difference that you lived at all." we thank you for watching. we're always working to bring you the latest at and "nightline" at its late
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